Blueberries and Weight Loss

Blueberries are a delicious and delicate treat enjoyed by millions of people across the globe. While the blueberry is a tasty refreshment, recent research suggests that the tiny fruit does more than just tickle the taste-buds. The blueberry offers many health benefits including anti-aging ingredients, cholesterol reduction, and boosted immunity.

Most recently, the blueberry has also been known to offer weight loss benefits. The so-called “blueberry diet” has become a popular fad among those trying to reach weight loss goals.

Why are Blueberries so Good for Weight Loss
Blueberries offer the perfect balance of digestive functionality and fat burning. The small fruits are low in calories(approximately 80 calories per cup) and contain insoluble fiber which assists with quick and fluid digestive processes. Fiber helps move food through the intestines in a quick and effective way and successful and regular waste elimination is an important piece of any weight loss routine. In addition, the small fruit contains tannins which reduce digestive tract inflammation.

The ability to burn fat is the second piece of the puzzle. The fat burning effect is attributed to the high levels of phytochemicals found in the fruit. Phytochemicals are natural antioxidants found in the blueberry plant that affect genes linked to fat burning and storage. A recent study conducted with lab rats showed that rats who consumed blueberry powder with their food each day showed less abdominal fat than rats on a berry-free diet at the end of a 90 day study. blueberry-coconut-weight-loss-smoothie

Finally blueberries are full of water which makes you feel full longer and helps you avoid eating in between meals. In addition, blueberries are sweet and can satisfy a sweet tooth without the calorie impact of your more traditional desserts.

All of these blueberry facts prove the small fruit is an excellent choice for anyone wishing to shed a few pounds.

What’s the Right Amount?
It is not necessary to go on a blueberry-only diet to gain the weight loss effects of the fruit. Incorporating blueberries into snack and meal time is beneficial as well. Try adding a cup of blueberries with your oatmeal at breakfast, grabbing a handful as a snack in between meals or adding a cupful to your salad for lunch or dinner. Finding subtle ways to add blueberries to your diet will ensure you reap all the health benefits of the tiny but mighty nutrient source.

There are some dieticians who will recommend an all-blueberry diet. Nutritionists who suggest this route say the diet should typically last for three days.The menu is unchanged for this three days and includes a mixture of dairy products and of course, blueberries. The diet contains three meals a day and the dairy substances can include cottage cheese, yogurt, and sour cream. Nutritionists might also recommend the consumption of blueberry smoothies as a snack in between meals. Regardless, the diet requires the consumption of at least four cups of blueberries each day.

Although blueberries offer a great weight loss opportunity, this is not the only way to achieve a healthy figure. Make sure to incorporate other nutrients into your diet and commit to a solid exercise routine. With a healthy blend of diet and exercise you will be well on your way to achieving your weight loss goals!

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